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Installing the puppet agent from rubygems.

The method I used to install the puppet agent on a server via ruby gems, as the client server requires a newer version of ruby than what puppet uses with packages. Your mileage might vary if followed as puppetlabs documentation says “not recommended”!

Installing PHP intl on cPanel/CentOS

I’ve had to install this a bunch of times this week for people, so I figured I would document it here. If you want to install the latest version of libicu, you need to ensure that PHP is not compiled with intl support in cPanel’s easyapache, else it won’t pick up the later version.

MySQL Replication with Puppet

This is how I setup MySQL replication with puppet managing the configuration files/install. The MySQL module used is –

Setting up a VDS using a stacklet image.

Stacklet is a super awesome site that provides OS images for several virtualization platforms. Since we mostly use Xen at work, this guide will be for Xen (funnily enough). Stacklet does require a subscription, but it’s pretty cheap.

Creating users with Puppet.

It’s fairly simple to add system users with puppet to servers, however I had to do a little bit of googling to find some working examples so I will put it here for future reference.

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