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March, 2013

eAccelerator is a PHP accelerator –

My attempt at making installing git on servers at work much more efficient.


Installing git from source, also covers installing git on Solaris.

Sublime Text 2

How to setup Sublime Text 2 on Ubuntu with a pretty unity sidebar icon. I figured this out and made a guide for my benefit before I found out there was a ppa. Oh well!

APC is a PHP accelerator –


Installing OTRS on a cPanel server. OTRS is an open source ticketing system –

Install red5 on a CentOS5 cPanel VDS

A guide to installing the Red5 media server on a CentOS 5 server (though should work the same for 6), it was originally written when I installed it on a cPanel server for a client, though only the last bit is really relevant to cPanel.