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Debugging cron

I had an issue where cron was running but my command wasn’t working but it worked when I ran it manually.

The foreman out of sync duration.

The default out of sync duration is the puppet run duration + 5 minutes, as we run the puppet default it makes it 35 minutes. This however means that there are ~15 out of sync hosts at any time that just haven’t ran in an hour which isn’t a huge problem for us.

Installing the puppet agent from rubygems.

The method I used to install the puppet agent on a server via ruby gems, as the client server requires a newer version of ruby than what puppet uses with packages. Your mileage might vary if followed as puppetlabs documentation says “not recommended”!

MySQL Replication with Puppet

This is how I setup MySQL replication with puppet managing the configuration files/install. The MySQL module used is –

Creating users with Puppet.

It’s fairly simple to add system users with puppet to servers, however I had to do a little bit of googling to find some working examples so I will put it here for future reference.

Puppet: Error 400 on SERVER.

I encountered this interesting (at least to me) puppet error when creating server manifests to go with a module; Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Could not find default node or by name with ‘<hostname>’