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omreport chassis pwrmonitoring Error: Current probes not found

While adding the openmanage nagios check to our servers I encountered the error of;

[~]# /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_openmanage -s --only critical -b pdisk_cert=all --hide-servicetag
UNKNOWN: Problem running 'omreport chassis pwrmonitoring': Error: Current probes not found

When trying to run the check_openmanage plugin on a R710, which of course generates a nice UNKNOWN error on nagios that doesn’t go away! This seems to be a bug with opemanage and RHEL5, even though this server is running 5.10. To make the error go away I edited the check_openmanage plugin and uncommented this line;

#          | Current\sprobes\snot\sfound                                # OMSA + RHEL5.4 bug

Of course this just hides the error, however it means that nagios is happy and will only alert on the critical things and check_openmanage still reports on the power supplies and voltages.

[~]# /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_openmanage -s --only critical -b pdisk_cert=all --hide-servicetag
OK - System: 'PowerEdge R710', SN: 'XXXXXXX', 16 GB ram (8 dimms), 1 logical drives, 8 physical drives

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